Watch this 35-minute course video to use the science of Play and Flow to bring joy and ease to your creative writing practice. Instructor Gina DiPonio will lead you on a Choose Your Own Adventure to create a writing situation and, ultimately, ongoing practice that frees you to more quickly get into your writing groove, stay there, and return at will. This session includes generative, guided prompts to get you writing, and participants will have the option to post and receive positive reflections on up to 400 words of their writing.

Meet the Instructor

Gina DiPonio is an award-winning writer, runner of open mics, creative writing instructor, and champion of literary pursuits. As former program manager of the University of Chicago Writer's Studio, Gina was named one of Chicago’s Lit 50 by Newcity in 2017.​ She’s studied and crafted writing pedagogy for decades, including training in the Story Workshop Method© developed by John Schultz and University of Chicago's Little Red School House approach to the teaching of academic writing. Her writing appears in The Sun, Contrary, Two Hawks Quarterly, Bleed, Hair Trigger, Traverse: Northern Michigan's Magazine, and elsewhere. Read her latest work at

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